About Us

We have been running since 2015, with over 590 orders and over 390+ positive feedback from happy buyers, we ensure to have the best customer service and ensure safe transactions. 

We Ensure Safe Transactions & Secure Your Data

We take fraud of any sorts very seriously. We especially take peoples privacy and private information very seriously. Our main goal is to provide legit and fast services, without breaching the data of our customers. You can read more about our safety and privacy by clicking the button below. 

Meet TheFortnitePlug

TheFortnitePlug has previously sold GTA 5 Services, Clash of Clans Services, Clash Royale Services, & COD Services, we now mainly focus on Fortnite services as it is our most earning service so far, we have discontinued the other products, we may continue them in the near future.

We are trusted in the gaming community, we have previously worked with SportsTNB, G2G, PlayerUp, FNWorld and much more. We have many suppliers working hard to get our products in stock fast and quickly. We constantly restock our products, and are happy to give replacements or refunds to faulty products! We strive to have the best support, so if any products are faulty we make sure to give you a refund or replacement. We are constantly thinking of how we can improve our website with our team, and your feedback would be appreciated.


For any inquiries or support please email